Wicked Games

She’s willing to play any game if he’s the prize.

Kinsey Gray is shocked to learn that Doug Storey is moving to Denver. She and the sexy architect have a bit of a history, and the time has come to revisit their past. With the help of her GIRL GEAR partners, Kinsey comes up with a plan she’s certain will convince him to stay. Her wicked games will knock more than his socks off!

Doug’s a bit surprised when Kinsey tells him she wants him to stay in Houston. Ever since their sexual escapades in Coconut Caye, they’ve kept things casual… and he’s not sure what they have is enough to keep him around. Then he finds out she’s up for grabs at a charity bachelorette auction. And that’s when the real games begin!

‘Alison Kent has written a contemporary romance with loveable, realistic, sympathetic characters. Both Doug and Kinsey have flaws, hang-ups, and unique personality traits. The secondary characters were also well-developed enough to make me want to read more about them.” — Lacey S., Amazon reviewer

She pulled open the door to fresh brewed Sumatra-one of the perks of being Fred’s granddaughter. Fred kept Izzy’s favorite brand for Wednesday’s pie nights.

Following her nose lead, Izzy straight to Baron and the cup he cradled between his two beautifully large hands. She eased up onto the stool at his side but spoke to her grandmother hovering with pot and mug in hand.

“Now, Fred. I’m going to be terribly disappointed if you’ve given away all my brew.”

Fred merely poured Izzy a cup as she addressed her response to Baron. “Think twice about ever having children, Joseph. They produce ungrateful complainers who try to pass themselves off as loving granddaughters.”

Izzy lifted her mug and, eyes closed, inhaled before looking back at her grandmother who stood with one hand on one hip and her brow imperially arched.

“And now I suppose Her Ungratefulness will be wanting a slice of pie, not that the sweetness wouldn’t be an improvement.”

“Apple would be great, Fred.” Izzy stood up on the barstool’s rungs, leaned over and wrapped her grandmother in a hug. “And vanilla ice cream,” she added as she sat back.”

Fred simply huffed as she returned the coffee pot to the warmer and headed to the opposite end of the counter and the pie case.

Izzy watched her go, feeling Baron’s gaze on her face as she did. When she finally glanced up, it was to find him looking at her with a curious expression. “What?”

He shook his head. “Just nothing. Interesting rapport you’ve got with your grandmother.”

“She’s amazing. The best. Aren’t you Fred?” Izzy asked as Gramma Fred slid a plate with a quarter of a pie and a pint of ice cream toward her.

“Eat up,” she said, blowing a kiss to Izzy before getting back to the rest of her customers.

“You’re lucky to have that,” Baron said, lifting his mug to drink. Izzy didn’t think she’d ever seen a man’s hand envelope a coffee mug so completely.

“It’s beautifully smothering, wonderfully challenging.”

“Is that a complaint?”

She slowly pulled the soup spoon from her mouth, pressing her lips to the spoon’s bowl to get the last smear of ice cream. The slowly part allowed her to think of a comeback that wouldn’t send this man tail-tucked and running into the night.

It wasn’t a reputation she was particularly proud of, but so went her temper. “Tell me about your family, Joseph Baron.”

He picked up the spoon resting on his saucer and tapped the counter with the end. “Well, Isabel. If I had a family I’d be more than happy to tell you about them.”