The infamous Dalton Gang was once known for riding—and playing—hard. Now, as owners of the Dalton Ranch in Crow Hill, Texas, they’re working from sunup to sundown. But one look from the right woman can tempt them back into the saddle…

When a walk on the wild side turned into a nightmare for Everly Grant, she escaped her abusive ex by taking a job with Crow Hill’s small newspaper. Now assigned to write a human-interest story on the return of the Dalton Gang, she soon discovers that Boone Mitchell could give her plenty more than a good interview. As much as she craves safety, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Boone’s dangerous streak. Before she takes the cowboy to bed, she lays down the law: There are no strings attached, and she’s the one in charge.

That’s fine for Boone. In fact, Everly teaches him things no other woman ever dared. Soon they find themselves wanting more than their simple arrangement will allow. But to get there, Everly will have to open up in ways she thought she never could…

2014 WINNER Booksellers Best Award Erotic Romance

“I waited so long for this last installment of the Dalton Gang and it was VERY much worth the wait. Absolutely LOVE these guys. This is a set of books that I will keep and re-read again and again. The book cover definitely matches the hottness of this read.” — OBXgirl, Amazon reviewer

Boone folded the tickets and stuffed them into his pocket while Casper stuffed his back between Faith’s breasts. She slapped at his hand, took care of the tickets herself, then handed him a plain black mask that Boone supposed was prison issue to go with the stripes. Casper snapped it into place, rolling his eyes as Faith lifted his hair to hide the elastic, yelping when she pulled too hard.

Seeing the two together had Boone smiling. And after all the years he’d spent enforcing the Dalton Gang’s no-sisters rule to keep them apart. Still, the time had needed to be right, and the sixteen years he, Casper and Dax had spent away from Crow Hill before returning to take on the ranch they’d inherited had given both Faith and Casper a chance to get their act together. It had been a lot of years, but it had been worth it.

“Wow, y’all look great,” came a voice from the doorway into the house’s main hall.

“Hey, Clay,” Boone said to the fourteen year old boy Casper was in the process of adopting. “You and Kevin up to holding down the fort? Because say the word and I’ll grab a pizza and we can hang out and watch all the Bruce Willis movies you want.”

“Kevin and I got it covered,” Clay said, reaching down to pat his scruffy mutt that was the size of a few of the calves Boone had moved from the Braff pasture this morning. “And I think tonight’s going to be Star Wars. We did most of Die Hard last weekend.”

“See?” Faith waved Boone and Casper toward the door where Clay was standing. “Clay and Kevin have it covered. Let’s go.”

Boone jammed his hat on and followed the sheriff and her prisoner to the front of the house where his truck was parked on Mulberry Street. He’d drink up the tickets Casper had given him, doing his part for literacy, and hope like hell he didn’t end up the night wearing prison stripes. Or worse.

Dragging home his own ball and chain.