The Smithson Group: An Eight Story Boxed Set

This is a LIMITED EDITION boxed set available only until 12/31/2017!

Four novels, four novellas, save $21.00!

“This series is addictive in the very best way.” — Diane B., Amazon reviewer

THE BANE AFFAIR — He’s not a womanizer. She’s not a criminal. Both may find out the truth too late.
“A suspenseful and twisted spy vs. spy plot, with a smoking hot romance thrown in.”

THE SHAUGHNESSEY ACCORD — He’s in the mood for a sandwich but gets a whole lot more.
“What more can you ask for-sexy scenes, handsome men, well-written plot.”

THE SAMMS AGNDA — He’s not sure it’s the assassin that’s the hardest part of this job.
“A heart-pounding, palm sweating, fan yourself read.”

THE BEACH ALIBI — He needs her to get him out of a jam, but saving him may very well get her killed.
“Whew!!! Is it hot in here or is it just the book? May I just say that this book is SMOKIN’!”

THE MCKENZIE ARTIFACT — He holds the safety of a whole lot of women in his hands.
“I felt the heat, the fear, the arousal as if I were there along with the characters.”

LARGER THAN LIFE — His survival skills might not be enough this time.
“I would give this one ten stars. Just loved the characters, story line, everything.”

DEEP BREATH — He had no idea what it meant to be a hero.
“Great story line, fun characters, romantic originality, well written and edited.”

BEYOND A SHADOW — This is his last chance to reclaim his life.
“Intelligent, witty, deep, edgy, gritty, savvy, and intriguing.”