Her Wild Ride

He’s not sure it’s the assassin that’s the hardest part of this job.

Julian Samms is all-business and no bull. He expects a lot from the members of his team; keeping things close to the vest and chaos-free is how he saves lives. And that’s why he’s none too happy about hitting a snag in his latest mission.

Extracting Katrina Flurry, the ex-girlfriend of deposed Spectra IT boss Peter Deacon, from her Miami condo before a hit man finishes her should’ve been a piece of cake. But now Julian’s on the run with a woman who defines high maintenance.

The fact that Katrina seems determined to get them killed has Julian ready to call the gig quits. She’s infuriating, unpredictable, and unfortunately, sexy as hell. Even worse, she makes him want to break his own rules and enjoy the wild ride, which means they’re both in big trouble… of more than one kind.

“The action is roller-coaster crazy and just as fast. By the end, I was feeling a bit breathless, but holy moly, I loved the ride.” — Melanie S.

“Packed with fast-paced action and electrifying passion, this book has a technically detailed, expertly written plot. Readers will be wanting more.” — RT Book Reviews

There she was, down at the pool, her back to him as she got to her feet and tugged at a pair of bikini bottoms that sent his libido back to the idea of leaving cookie crumbs in her bed.

She’d coiled her shoulder-length caramel-colored hair into a knot on top of her head. He liked the length of her neck almost as much as he liked the length of her legs.

What he wasn’t crazy over was the way she was covering up without first turning around so he could get a full frontal view of that body. Then again, her body was merely a perk of this job, not the reason he was here.

She looked like she was on her way back upstairs, meaning he’d do better to intercept her on the other side of her front door. Save himself a buttload of explaining—who he was, how he’d gotten in, what he wanted, as well as the hassle of having to restrain her when she refused to listen.

Cookies or not, she struck him as the type to act first and ask questions a mile or so down the damn road.
In the next second, however, the insect she’d been dodging shot his carefully laid plans to shit when the cement planter it hit exploded. Julian whipped his gaze to the rooftop across from where he stood.

Sunlight cast Benny Rivers’s block-like head in silhouette, glinted off the barrel of the rifle aimed her way.

Katrina’s only saving grace for the moment was the Rivers never gave his prey an easy time, toying with his victims, making them sweat out the wait for their death.

Heart pounding in the base of his throat, Julian gauged the distance from the balcony to the manicured lawn edging the poolside walk, gauged the distance to the deep end of the crystal blue water shimmering in the sun, chose the lesser of two evils and jumped.