His Only Alibi

He needs her to get him out of a jam, but saving him may very well get her killed.

Kelly John Beach takes the covert nature of his work to heart. He is never seen. He is never heard. Until he is. Somehow, the man who is the ultimate spy was caught on video surveillance inside a Spectra IT office. Now the SG-5 team has to replace the original capture with one proving K.J. was elsewhere at the time.

Enter Emma Webster, Hank Smithson’s personal assistant. Posing as Kelly John’s lover, Emma will accompany him to several strategic locations with SG-5 cameras positioned to record their encounters: in elevators and restaurants and strictly off-limits back hallways. Intimate encounters. Erotic encounters.

Getting his hands on the very woman who’s starred in his dirtiest fantasies would make this the best assignment ever for K.J. if not for the fact that it puts Emma in the crosshairs of Spectra IT. And when the criminal organization realizes they can get to K.J. through Emma, he’s left to face how far he’ll go to protect the woman he loves.

“Whew!!! Is it hot in here or is it just the book? May I just say that this book is SMOKIN’!” — Kimberly, Amazon reviewer

“… a sensuously arousing romance with an intricately detailed plot.” — RT Book Reviews

He took hold of her hand, brought it to his chest, held it there so she could feel the desperate beat of his heart. “You can let me kiss you. And you can kiss me back.”

“You want to kiss me?” she asked, spreading her fingers wide there, his sternum beneath her palm.

She flexed her fingers once, twice, her gaze caught by the movement as if seeing his bare skin instead of his black suit coat and gray-blue dress shirt sans tie.

When he didn’t answer immediately—or at all—she raised her gaze and asked him again with her eyes. You want to kiss me? And suddenly he realized there was nothing he wanted more.

A want that caught him like a hard knock to the jaw because it seemed so right for all the wrong reasons.

“Yeah,” he said softly, covering her hand with his. “I do. We get this out of the way now, things will be less awkward later.”

It took her a minute, but she finally nodded. And then she wet her lips. “You’re probably right. Nerves don’t make for a very convincing argument.”

“Yeah. My thinking, too.” His heart tripped faster; the way she caught her lower lip between her teeth was a dead giveaway that she’d noticed.

“So,” she began, smoothing back her hair with her free palm. “Here? Now?”

Her voice was breathless. That much helped, the fact that what they were doing wasn’t sitting any easier with her. He brought his hand up to cup her face, hoping she understood the reality of what he was facing.

And that she wasn’t two steps away from backing out.

He nodded, gave her a tight smile. “Here and now works just fine.”

She slid both hands up his chest to his neck, cradled his nape first, then the base of his skull, and lifted her face, lips parted, eyes sharp as if taking him in like she would the rules to an exam.

Or better yet. Like a freak on display behind bars.

No, he thought, shaking his head. He wasn’t going there, couldn’t afford to go there, not now. Not with Emma’s mouth inches away, his balls buzzing, and his life worth whatever they made of this night.

He lowered his head, covered her mouth, took full advantage of her lips that were yielding and accepting and so very hot when she kissed him back.