She’ll bare her body, then pray he won’t demand her soul…

Melanie Craine has no time for a man in her life. With so many of her GIRL GEAR partners distracted by true love, someone has to keep business booming. But when videographer Jacob Faulkner digitally captures her completely unprofessional behavior, she’s determined to make him see what’s beneath her attitude. To that end—and for Jacob’s eyes only—she films herself doing a steamy striptease.

Jacob never expected Melanie to retaliate the way she did, slowly removing each item of clothing just for him. Now that he’s working in the GIRL GEAR office filming a documentary, there’s no way he can keep things with her professional. And it can’t get any better when he finds out she doesn’t want anything more from him than sex. Or at least that’s what they both think.

2003 Best Harlequin Blaze nominee, RT Book Reviews

“Sexy from the start, Alison Kent’s latest GIRL GEAR has saucy, crisp dialogue and the heart-thumping sizzle we’ve come to expect from this author. ” – RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, TOP PICK

She felt every tremor of the groan that rolled up his throat. “Melanie?”

“Jacob?” She blew her answering question softly over his ear.

A shudder ripped through him. “You sure this is what you want?”

“I’m sure it’s what I want right now.”

He hesitated, then ground out, “And that’s enough?”

“You tell me,” she answered, her head turning and her open mouth moving toward his throat.

He stood still and let her explore his skin with her tongue, let her nip her way along the resilient flesh of his shoulder, let her leave a trail of tiny damp kisses beneath his collarbone. His skin was salty and wonderfully warm. And she wanted to taste more. To feast. To feed the hunger he’d driven her to feel.

She tingled and ached but not nearly enough. Not completely. Not in the way she wanted, the way his eyes and the sounds he’d made promised to provide. So when he backed away from her mouth and all the fun she was having, it was all she could do not to scream.

“Why did you make that tape?” he growled down at her, his chest heaving.

“Because your tape pissed me off,” she answered, breathing equally hard.

“That wasn’t what I intended.”

She didn’t care that he seemed contrite. “Then your intentions fell short, didn’t they?”

“You say that like you know what they were.”

She didn’t care that he appeared defensive. “Does it matter?”

“I thought so at the time.”

She didn’t care that he looked put out. “And now?”

“Now I don’t want to talk about it.”

All she cared about was getting him out of his clothes. “Why’s that? You can’t talk and screw at the same time?”

He took a moment before he answered, a moment in which Melanie’s frustration reached an unbearable height. A moment in which she panicked, wondering if she’d actually pushed him too far. Goading was so much more palatable than begging, but right now, here and with this man, she wasn’t above getting down on her knees.

He ran a finger from her temple, to her jaw, her chin and down her neck to her chest, where he drew a line back and forth along the scoop of her tank. “Are you sure talking is what you really want me to do with my mouth?”

Finally! “I’d rather you shut up and show me what you can do with your tongue.”