Play Me

Electrician Sophie North felt as if she’d touched a live wire the first time she laid eyes on Tyler Barnes. He had a heartbreaking grin, an incredible body, and a thousand watts of cowboy charm. Half the single women in Brodie, Texas, were out to snag him now that he’d returned to West Texas to set up his veterinary practice.

But Sophie was just passing through. And she’d sworn never to live her life at the mercy of her passionate nature—not after passion had destroyed her family when she was a child. Nevertheless, every time Tyler came near her response was shocking which wasn’t supposed to happen. Lightning was only supposed to strike once!

“This is one of the first romance novels I ever read and I just knew I had to get it for my Kindle. A great follow up to Call Me. Made me an instant Alison Kent addict.” — Book Me, Amazon reviewer, 5 stars (as The Heartbreak Kid)

“Alison Kent holds us spellbound with deeply passionate characters, scorching sensuality and a love story hot enough to heat up the coldest of winter nights.” — RT Book Reviews (as The Heartbreak Kid)

“Your turn.”

She looked down and found the presence of mind to spell ewe.

“Another livestock word?”

Exhaling slowly, she said, “Yeah, a livestock word that just put me way ahead with a double word score.”

“Then let’s see if I can make use of this triple word square over here. I don’t intend to give up my mattress rights so easily.”

And while she watched, while the words foreplay and anticipation ran through her mind, while the fire warmed her face and her body hummed with expectant energy, Tyler spelled the word belly.

She barely consoled herself with the fact that he only got the double word score. Belly was a body part she didn’t want to hear him talk about–especially with the ache building low and deep in hers.

Turning her full attention back to the game, she stupidly spelled the word girl on belly’s second L.

She knew he was waiting, watched his eyes drift from hers to the words they’d spelled and back. She swallowed hard, took in more of his taste and decided that anticipation frightened her more than her mother’s blood.

“Sophie. Darlin’.”

The pause between those two words added an incredible intimacy. He ran his finger over the letters that spelled belly. Then he ran his finger over the letters that spelled girl. “Isn’t there something you want to ask me?”

Sophie felt her girl belly quicken and heat. She licked her lips, parted them and wisely answered, “Did you know it’s your turn?”

“That wasn’t what I was waiting to hear,” he said and slowly, one wooden letter at a time, used the final E of her word ewe and built the word seduce.

“No two bellies are alike. Some lay flat, afraid to grow up. Others are gently rounded, a woman’s cradle for a man’s stomach.”

Sophie followed Tyler’s gaze and found her palm pressed low on her jeans. She lifted her hand, studied her letters and, heart beating furiously, spelled the word refuse.

Tyler responded by spelling the word why. She didn’t even think to object when he used an overturned M for the W.

“I’ve had a lot of good times in this cabin. But I don’t think anything can compare to what’s happening tonight.”

Hyperventilation was but a breath away. She quickly searched her letters and spelled the word won’t.

Tyler’s smile faded momentarily, but then he took two letters, laid them on the board and spelled the word yes right on top of another word.

Sophie strained to draw breath to speak. “You can’t put a word there.”

“I can put anything anywhere I want to.” And then he crawled across the board and took her down to the floor on top of her pencil and the crumpled gold bill.