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March 16th, 2014
Three Times Love…

Three Time sLove Boxed SetIf you’ve never read PLAYING LOVE’S ODDS, LOVE ME TENDER, or LOVE IN BLOOM and would like to, they’re all now available in this digital boxed set. The title links above will take you to a page with an excerpt, and below you can read the letter I included in the set.

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March 1, 2014

Dear Reader,

Twenty-five years have passed since I first put pen to paper, or fingers to typewriter (yes, typewriter) keys, as it were, to write. A quarter of a century spent giving couples in love a happy ending means a lot of changes in technology, the industry, even reader expectations: typewriter to laptop, print to digital, closed bedroom doors to doors flung wide. As I write this letter, in fact, my 50th published work is three days from release. And if you count short online reads, it’s my 53rd, with my 54th release scheduled for October of this year. Not a bad career milestone!

Twenty-five years also means a change in an author’s way of writing, her way of looking at the world and relationships, her way of putting words together to convey her meaning. In other words, an author’s voice changes over time, and mine most definitely has. If you’ve come to this collection after reading my recent titles, you will probably notice a different tone and rhythm.

The three stories in this collection were written early in my career. PLAYING LOVE’S ODDS, my very first book, was originally published by Meteor Kismet in August 1993. (Trivia: My book was #167 out of one-hundred-sixty-eight titles in the short lived imprint, and #168 belonged to Suzanne Brockmann!) LOVE ME TENDER and LOVE IN BLOOM were written around the same time, but were published in 1999 and 2000 respectively by Kensington Bouquet.

I love all of these romances for many reasons, and I was reminded of that when I read through them again when preparing the digital files. I do see the flaws, ouch, but the core of each story remains, for me, as compelling as the day the idea arrived. Please enjoy THREE TIMES LOVE.

Best regards,

Alison Kent