It Was Always a Love Thing

Six months ago, Sara Wade wasn’t ready to say yes to her boyfriend Jax Stacey’s proposal.

Now she’s determined to convince the hunk she wants it all, starting with a steamy fantasy beach weekend in sultry Puerto Vallarta.

But this time, will Jax be the one to turn the tables?

“Very nice. Very original. And very sweet with a point. I want one of him.” — Kathy Davis, Goodreads reviewer


She startled. Surprise skittered the length of her spine, settled at the base, and spread deep into her bones. Her body resonated with his voice as it would from his embrace. She inhaled slowly and turned.

Jax Stacey was a beautiful man, and her stomach clenched so hard she ached with it. He stood in the rectangle of the open French door, one forearm braced shoulder-high on the frame. He wore indigo jeans and biker boots, his waistband dipping low due to the hand shoved down deep in his pocket.

His hair was short and dark and tousled, as if he’d tried to sleep on the early morning flight but had managed to do no more than muss himself up. She liked him mussed up. Liked the sleepy look in his dark gold eyes. Liked the way his thick lashes drooped down and fanned out to shadow his cheeks.

He made her hungry. He made her knees weak. He made her wonder what she was going to do if this time he turned her down. Her lips trembled. It was almost a smile. Almost, but not quite. She wasn’t quite ready for that.

“You were so quiet. I didn’t even hear the door.”

He stared at her for another long moment, searching, seeking, studying . . . then finally shoving away from his perch to join her. He came closer, moving the way he always did, his steps purposeful yet unhurried, his body fluid and loose and built to make her think about sex.

She tilted up her chin as he drew near, holding his gaze that simmered. The one time she opened her mouth, he simply shook his head to shush her. She swallowed hard and took a step in reverse.

When her backside contacted the railing, she reached back with both hands to hold on. And when he reached her, he cupped her arms just above her elbows and pulled her hands forward. He wanted her to hold onto him.

It made so much sense to do so. He had never let her down. He had never turned her away. She knew, as well, that he would never hurt her. He would never hurt her the way she had surely hurt him. His denial all those months ago had only been halfway convincing.

And so much had changed since then.