let’s start this thing up. again.

(Trivia: I have 3291 blog posts that I’ve set to private; the earliest of those was written 9/12/2002. That’s a LOT of words!)

I’m going to try this again. Blogging. Saying what I want to say where I feel safe saying it because social media these days… ::shudder::

If you read any of those 3291 posts in the past, you’ll know that I talk a lot about writing, my process, what I’m doing, and I’m planning on the same.

For now, however, how about the chance to win some books?!?!?

I’ve had the same website design for too many years to count. I had a designer friend make me a new theme and then I had my daughter start transferring all the old files to the new format. This was probably four years ago… or more!

I finally gave up on trying to launch (on deadline, no time to fix content, barely time to update content), then started up again with a plain WordPress theme last year when I realized things were such a mess.

Lots of annoying internal tech issues dealing with copious amounts of old files, but finally I’ve got the new site up. And everything you need to know NOW instead of THEN has been updated.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is page through the site and tell me in the comments to this post (NOT on Twitter or Facebook) something you  notice about the site… what you like, what’s broken, what’s missing, what book you had no idea I’d written, which book is your favorite, etc.

Then tell me what available book (Kindle version) you’d like.

You have to do both!

There’s also a surprise book that I haven’t mentioned anywhere yet (that one is NOT eligible to be won) that I’m really excited about. I just have to finish it…

I’ll randomly choose ten winners from all comments posted by midnight CST 11/25/2017.

(Trivia: I post the video below every time I set out on a new publishing adventure!)