some things take forever

And one of those things would be finishing up the reissue of my Girl Gear series originally published by Harlequin Blaze. But at long last the *six books are again available! Life has been a bit of an upside-down world for the past couple of years so this has taken longer than it should have. But it is what it is so ONWARD!!! And could these new covers look any more amazing as a set? I love them SO much!

(Thanks to Daqri at Covers by Combs for all the beauty!)

You can get the full series at the following retailers:



*I discovered a couple of legacy typos in Indiscreet even after reading it through so I’m in the process of getting those corrected and new editions published as we speak.

**Apparently, Apple hasn’t yet published Striptease but I’ll get on that.