oldies but goodies. reissues.

As I type this, I’ve just hit publish on the reissue of Kiss and Tell so it should be available at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited in a day or two. Funny, I had totally forgotten this was a Christmas story as it was originally proposed for Valentine’s Day.

Candy Cane was Candy Hart. Mistletoe, Colorado was Valentine, Colorado. Under the Mistletoe was Valentine’s Flowers. But the changes worked, and I’m so glad I read through.

I read through everything before I reissue. I don’t do a lot of updating; sometimes none at all. For example, I left my Smithson Group books set in their original time because updating would require a big change in technology and ruin the suspense plots!

Most of what I update are pop culture references and overwriting. I’ve had readers e-mail about this one, wanting more about something that happened off-stage, and I’ve added a question about that to my reader letter. It might be worth expanding at some point!

Anyhow, it’s fun to revisit old books. Sometimes I cringe or roll my eyes. Other times I’m really moved by story elements I’ve completely forgotten about. There were a couple of scenes I could’ve sworn were in this one, but were not! The writing memory is a strange thing!