seven lines excerpt. one.

There’s a hashtag making the rounds on Facebook where authors post the first seven lines or seven paragraphs of their work in progress.

I’m going to post several #sevenlines to carry me through the long holiday weekend. Ask any questions you have, and enjoy!

Cary Browning walked out of Bread and Bean, a loaf of warm sourdough tucked in a brown paper sleeve held to his nose, and nearly ran into Priscilla Reddy.

A very pregnant Priscilla Reddy.

“Excuse me,” she said, sidestepping before their feet tangled and one of them, or both of them, tumbled to the sidewalk fronting the Fourth Street foodie boutiques.

Bread and Bean, Bliss, and Butters Bakery occupied the same block—a block that stayed busy not only during the holiday season but year-round. Not a surprise considering the offerings: coffee, fresh-baked bread, artisanal chocolates, cookies, cakes…

It was a wonder there weren’t more foot-traffic accidents what with additional shops opening, others relocating to the growing business district, some, like Butters Bakery, being sold, the previous owners retiring, the new owners expanding into pastries and pies.

Cary didn’t mind the change but then he was part of it.

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  1. So excited. I love the Hope Springs series and have read them all. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I hope you enjoy this one when it’s done. I’m having to look back through the other books for a lot of stuff I’ve forgotten!! But I really do love the story.

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