a way to find books. reviews.

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Just a quick post today as I’ve got a to-do list five yellow legal pad pages long. Yeah. Not all of it has to be done today, obviously. In fact, it’s a to-do list that takes in the whole year of 2018, so it’s pretty broad and it’s all about writing.

In the age of self-publishing, everything runs on data and algorithms, which means one of the absolutely most helpful things readers can do for authors in order to continue seeing books in their favorite series is to leave reviews.

Don’t let that scare you!

A review doesn’t have to be a deep intensive analysis. Something as simple as “great book,” or “loved it,” will drive those numbers that put the books in front of more readers. And the higher the honest star-rating the better, of course!

So I’m curious. Do you leave reviews? Did you know that the more reviews a book has plays into the aggregated data that drives a book’s discoverability?

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  1. I do my best to leave a review. Particularly if I loved a book. I did not realize it played into a books discoverability. I will try to leave more reviews now.

    1. It’s crazy how everything in publishing these days is driven by measurable data and to a large part Amazon’s algorithms. They definitely are the giant!

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