we live in a zoo. still.

Living in a semi-deserted neighborhood near a creek and a (literally named) Hundred Acre Woods means… animals. We’ve trapped and released two oppossums recently and are working on a tricky racoon.

We’ve also had cats show up. Casper followed one of our cats home.

We almost never see strays. Loose dogs on the streets belong to residents. We’ve returned a couple to their owners.

But having few witnesses around means some people feel free to dump. We’re assuming that’s what happened in this case since this girl had a… female injury when we found her running around the subdivision entrance.

Meet Tootsie.

My older daughter went out to get her and an elderly woman in a pink Monte Carlo *g* stopped to help and gave her a leash. My younger daughter, who works with one of Houston’s largest dog rescue organizations, arranged for her surgery.

Husband and I drove her across town to the animal hospital Thursday afternoon and he picked her up yesterday. At the moment, we’re fostering her as she recovers and awaits her forever home.

She’s a kitty chaser which is obviously an issue, though our headmistress cat is quickly schooling her. Plus, the cone helps.

Thing is, she’s the size of our Snickers, the color of our Duke, and she has the same breed temperament and that dang curly tail as our Takumi who we lost in January.

She’s kind of a fate dog. And she woke me up this morning with a kiss.

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    1. I think hubs is a little bit in love but we do hope she can find a good home! We’ll keep her until then!

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