let’s start this thing up. again.

(Trivia: I have 3291 blog posts that I’ve set to private; the earliest of those was written 9/12/2002. That’s a LOT of words!)

I’m going to try this again. Blogging. Saying what I want to say where I feel safe saying it because social media these days… ::shudder::

If you read any of those 3291 posts in the past, you’ll know that I talk a lot about writing, my process, what I’m doing, and I’m planning on the same.

For now, however, how about the chance to win some books?!?!?

I’ve had the same website design for too many years to count. I had a designer friend make me a new theme and then I had my daughter start transferring all the old files to the new format. This was probably four years ago… or more!

I finally gave up on trying to launch (on deadline, no time to fix content, barely time to update content), then started up again with a plain WordPress theme last year when I realized things were such a mess.

Lots of annoying internal tech issues dealing with copious amounts of old files, but finally I’ve got the new site up. And everything you need to know NOW instead of THEN has been updated.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is page through the site and tell me in the comments to this post (NOT on Twitter or Facebook) something you  notice about the site… what you like, what’s broken, what’s missing, what book you had no idea I’d written, which book is your favorite, etc.

Then tell me what available book (Kindle version) you’d like.

You have to do both!

There’s also a surprise book that I haven’t mentioned anywhere yet (that one is NOT eligible to be won) that I’m really excited about. I just have to finish it…

I’ll randomly choose ten winners from all comments posted by midnight CST 11/25/2017.

(Trivia: I post the video below every time I set out on a new publishing adventure!)

40 Replies to “let’s start this thing up. again.”

  1. I like the video 🦉and it’s a good time for a for a restart. 😊 I think I’d like the third book in the Dalton gang series. I never got around to that one.

    1. “Let me not hit up the Facebook like it’s a crack pipe. Let me keep the browser closed.” <-- Cracks me up every time!

  2. First off, welcome back!

    Around the site…love the quote in the header. That video has a lot to say and it struck a chord with me this morning. The menu looks good and once you have a bit more concent you’ll be rocking the blogosphere again.

    As for a book, I think I’ve read everything you’ve done under this name, includling the Complete Idiot’s Guide, and own most. If your Mica Stone book is up for this, I’d love that. Otherwise, I’m good.

    My blog roll is so huge (gonna have weed it down) I hope you plan to link to FB like you did this time going forward, it’ll help me catch the blog posts.

    Again, welcome back!

    1. I’ve got the posts set up to post to FB automatically, which then posts to Twitter. Technology is grand!!

  3. I enjoy the entire website. Nothing needs to be improved in my opinion. I loved your Girl Gear series from Harlequin.

  4. I’ve read many of your books through the years, but didn’t realize so many were part of a series – or that the series had names. I like the way the covers are branded by series now so that they’re recognizable.

    One thing that kinda bugged me was the way the menu bar is see-through, so that when you scroll, the words ‘Blog Home, Hope Springs’, etc. were visible over what you were looking at. Perhaps if the bar was a solid color, then the book covers and words would scroll up underneath the bar. Does that make sense?

    Somehow I missed No Strings Attached, so I’d love to read that one.

    1. I’m going to have to figure that out because it’s bugging me, too! It’s something in the theme and I might have to dive into the code, ugh! You’re not the only one it bothers!

  5. I am looking forward to 2018 as a restart in my life now that things are looking up. LOL Last 16 yrs have been hard but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel does bring hope.

    I have not read “Hope for the Holidays” and this is perfect time of yr to read.

    1. I’m looking forward to 2018 being better, too! Hope it is for us both, Brenda!!

  6. Website looks good. I didn’t know about the Dalton Gang books & I’d love to read Indiscreet or Striptease.

  7. This site now is easy to peruse, colorful, not too wordy and informative. All I want in an author’s newsletter.
    I would like to read one of the Dalton gang books.

  8. I like the ease of seeing everything… love those Dalton Gang covers! 🙂 My choice would be Undeniable. Happy Holidays!

  9. I think you have done a good job with your new site. That fixed header with the scrolling under it can be a bit distracting, but otherwise, not bad. So much better then what I have done with mine, which is still totally a work in progress. That and I don’t post much. I enjoyed your posts though. Didn’t realize folks suffered so much damage in the hurricanes. My bad, I don’t keep up with news. I am very glad that you can remain in your home and make the necessary repairs. What an adventure!

    There are a lot of books that I haven’t read. Sadly more than I have read. I need to work on that. The Dalton Gang interests me, starting with Undeniable. Would love to read that one. Thank you.

    In the mean time, I will add you blog to my daily list and look forward to seeing your “reno” project progress. 😀

    1. It took a while to come to grips with having to live in just half our house, LOL, and all the inconveniences, but they’re minor compared to what so many lost! So two and a half months in, we’re doing okay!!

  10. I like the showcase of all the covers of the books. I look forward to reading the Dalton gang series, love the covers!

  11. Very easy to navigate, beautifully done! I cannot think of anything to suggest to change. I have not read Hope for the Holidays or The Comfort of Favorite Things. Thank you for this great opportunity to win one of your books.

    1. No one has read Hope for the Holidays yet because I haven’t finished writing it, LOL!

  12. Love your new Web site it’s perfect. So easy to look through. I’d love to read The Comfort of Favorite Things.Also looking forward to Hope for the Holidays.

  13. The Dalton Gang looks like fun – I love the covers and the blurb. I’d love to read the first one, and start them off.

  14. I like that you can continuously scroll through the blog home section. The site is easy to navigate and I didn’t realize how many books you had written. I love the Hope Springs series and my favorite was The Second Chance Cafe.

    I read Love Me Tender and would like to read The One I Always Dreamed of.

  15. Have to say, I enjoy the way Blog Home is set up; the changing photos as I scroll down is AWESOME!!!! Loving the new design!!!

  16. First off I Love the magical window you use at the beginning of your blog. So cool. Also I have not read your Hope Springs books but they look so impirational to me. I want to read them all next.

  17. First off I Love the magical window you use at the beginning of your blog. So cool. Also I have not read your Hope Springs books but they look so impirational to me. I want to read them all next.
    Also I am a huge fan of the cowboys so I am putting the Dalton Gang first up on my list. Swoon

  18. This video is awesome! I loved it. Your new side is really great. I love the windows in your header. Thank you for the chance.

  19. I forgot to tell you which book I would like. Any of the Dalton Gang would be fine by me. I love them. They are Hawt!!!

  20. All comments above are eligible and I will be randomly choosing winners soon!

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