Dalton Gang

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If you’ve read some of my other series, I do have a cotent warning for you. These books are hot, extremely so, graphic and explicit. They won’t be for all readers, but if you love stories where characters discover their true selves during intimacy with their one true love, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for here! If you prefer softer stories similar to my Hope Springs series, you might enjoy A Mother’s Love or Love Always or Four Men.

I can’t begin to explain how over the moon I am to be able to bring you the reissued Dalton Gang stories: UNDENIABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNFORGETTABLE. I love the community of Crow Hill, Texas and the characters of Dax, Casper, and Boone more than anything I’ve ever written.

2022 Digital Reissues

Alison Kent’s Dalton Gang trilogy is a different kind of western. Its members, Boone Mitchell, Dax Campbell, and Casper Jayne, aren’t the typical cowboys with hearts of gold. They may be elusive and sexy in that irresistible way, but they’re also rough, not easy to be around, and have legitimately dark pasts littered with secrets, abuse, and abandonment. It’s no surprise that when they all return to no-man’s-land Crow Hill, Texas, to inherit a ranch together that these men have more than tongues wagging as a result.

Tiffany Tyer

Heroes and Heartbreakers

Original 2012 & 2013 Berkley Editions

TWENTY-ONE HOURS is a related short story and BOOTS UNDER HER BED contains my novella THE HIRED GUN’S HEIRESS, a historical novella that tells the story of the founder of Crow Hill, Zebulon Crow.